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Toshiba TECHNORAINBOW™ are expanding their business to extend sales around the world.

They have a feeling for what they want and it has to fit the corporate style but will also require elements that can be updated by their sales and marketing staff. They require that the solution provider can work in a flexible way and meet their stringent corporate quality assurance and security procedures.

Hyperix provides the neccessary consultancy, working on both the design of the site and maps out a proposed architecture for the dynamic aspects of the solution. Hyperix provide a number of additional possibilities and enhancements to the original vision.

A phased introduction of the options available is is decided upon and Hyperix design and develop the site.

The long-term view taken ensures that Toshiba TECHNORAINBOW™ can rely on Hyperix to provide an integrated solutions to support the future of their business.

Some features of the system:
Content Management System, Flash movie, continued consultancy and support.