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Etam, a large clothing retailer requires a solution that will assist its Quality Control Department.

A basic vision exists in the Etam IT development team, and they have a 'wish list' of additional features. They require additional advice on a variety of issues relating to feasibility, security, and extent of solution.

Hyperix provides the neccessary consultancy, and maps out a proposed architecture for the solution. Hyperix provide a number of additional possibilities and enhancements to the original vision.

The scope of the solution is agreed, with a number of additional features proposed by Hyperix.

Etam had anticipated a 3 month development. Hyperix propose a 5 week development cycle.

Hyperix develop the system in 4 weeks, and Etam are so impressed that they immediately propose using the additional week's budget for scoping an additional solution.

Some features of the system:
Multi Level Security, Backend Database, Automated Email, Image Capture, Archiving, Automated Image Sizing to Minimise Bandwidth Usage.