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Citrix runs a Partner Channel that requires partners to attend training events to keep up to date with Citrix products and best practices.

Hyperix work closely with Citrix's events company to ensure that an appropriate website is developed to allow partners to book places on events. The administration of events is carried out by Citrix personnel using the bespoke administration interface. This interface allows for full tracking of partner participation and interaction with the website. It also carries out a series of automated tasks like tweeting events when they have passed the approval stage and go live.

Hyperix provides the neccessary consultancy, ensuring the design of the site conforms to Citrix corporate guidelines and mapping out a proposed architecture for the dynamic aspects of the solution. Hyperix continually provides additional possibilities and enhancements to the original vision, working closely with Citrix to make the site utilise appropriate emerging technologies.

Hyperix has worked closely with Citrix since 2002, supporting their work with their Partners in the UK, EU and South Africa.